BBQ Chicken Zucchini Pizzas

I really, like REALLY REALLY, love pizza but as I’ve stated before it’s usually a pretty heavy meal and I’m not so much a fan of that “I ate way too much!” feeling. So, staying true to THHY way, I’m all about converting my favorite dishes into lighter and healthier versions. Continue reading “BBQ Chicken Zucchini Pizzas”

Roasted Red Pepper + Sausage Squash Pizzas

I love pizza just as much as the next gal but when it’s summer aka “swimsuit season” you can rest assured that I definitely hesitate before stuffing my face with a slice (or five- cause who eats just one?) of pizza. It’s so perfect in the moment but when the fun is over so is my wanna be six pack. Continue reading “Roasted Red Pepper + Sausage Squash Pizzas”

Paleo Zucchini Bars

There’s so much to be grateful for on holidays such as this one. Although we tend to celebrate Memorial Day with large elaborate BBQ’s, copious amounts of food and fun it’s always important to take a moment and remember WHY such a day even exists. We celebrate as a way to honor those who have given us the freedom to live the way we do. We honor those who have risked it all to fight for a country they believe or believed in so much. They fight and have fought for all of us. There’s no greater thing than that of life and we owe it to those past and present who have given us such a wonderful gift. Continue reading “Paleo Zucchini Bars”