Spicy Thai Lettuce Wraps

I was thinking today as I was taking pictures with my phone of these wraps that I really should upgrade to a camera rather than rely solely on a camera phone. As I’ve mentioned before, cameras overwhelm me. I know they take better pictures, especially for a food blog, but I’ll be honest, me and my iPhone 6 work pretty well together considering. Though, while we do have our moments and I come very close to throwing it across the room, I don’t have another camera so you’d all be stuck with just a bunch of words, I’d be phoneless and well that wouldn’t lead to good things. With that being said, my phone and I were on a roll taking pictures of this little dish. I mean, just look at those colors! (gasp) When I got home after picking up some veggies at a local farm stand I knew these were definitely going into some sort of recipe just so I’d be able to photograph it…well and eat it too of course. So, with some bright green lettuce I knew right away I wanted to make lettuce wraps. What better dish to enjoy during warm summer days than lots of yummy ingredients wrapped up in a piece of crisp lettuce? These wraps have quite a kick so if you like spicy then you’ll love this. If you prefer to tone it down a bit just add less green chilies as noted below. This dish makes a great meal for 4 but works just as well as an appetizer, just add less filling and use the smaller inner leaves to wrap instead. Viola, a colorful and healthy meal, app or snack and lots of pretty pictures thanks to my trusty ol’ phone. I’ll upgrade one day…maybe… Continue reading “Spicy Thai Lettuce Wraps”