Herbed Yogurt Potato Salad

So many of you asked for me to share my easy potato salad but per usual I felt like getting a little creative. It’s just a thing…I can’t help it! So anyway, in the midst of prepping my usual salad I realized I was out of mayo (!) which is the base for my Summer Potato Salad so I had to work with what I had, which coincidentally, is pretty much the exact same thing I always stress on this blog- work with what you have! Ha! Continue reading “Herbed Yogurt Potato Salad”

Beet Hummus

Yes, I’m a snacker. There, I said it.

Nothing beets (oops, I mean beats) that mid-day moment of a good old spoonful of delicious homemade hummus and veggies for dipping. Although, what IS even better than just any homemade hummus is one made with beets. YES…BEETS! Continue reading “Beet Hummus”

Stuffing Muffins

I read an article over this past weekend titled “The Absolute Tragedy of Meeting The Love Of Your Life At The Wrong Time”. I have to say timing really is a funny thing in many ways. Even the timing of this article coming into my life is well, for lack of a better word, funny. Whether good or bad life has a way of creating prefect timing whether we realize it in the moment or not. Continue reading “Stuffing Muffins”

Balsamic Roasted Carrots

In honor of the ever expanding rabbit population in my yard I decided to pick up these adorable little heirloom carrots at the farmer’s market last weekend. I know what you’re thinking, rabbits, carrots, how cliche, but I mean I couldn’t resist how cute they were! The carrots I mean…well then again the rabbits are, too. I think a huge part of what I love about food blogging is finding new and inspiring ingredients. This is what makes me passionate about creating new recipes to share. Continue reading “Balsamic Roasted Carrots”