BBQ Chicken Zucchini Pizzas

I really, like REALLY REALLY, love pizza but as I’ve stated before it’s usually a pretty heavy meal and I’m not so much a fan of that “I ate way too much!” feeling. So, staying true to THHY way, I’m all about converting my favorite dishes into lighter and healthier versions. Continue reading “BBQ Chicken Zucchini Pizzas”

Roasted Red Pepper + Sausage Squash Pizzas

I love pizza just as much as the next gal but when it’s summer aka “swimsuit season” you can rest assured that I definitely hesitate before stuffing my face with a slice (or five- cause who eats just one?) of pizza. It’s so perfect in the moment but when the fun is over so is my wanna be six pack. Continue reading “Roasted Red Pepper + Sausage Squash Pizzas”

Plantain Pizza Crust


I have to admit, the closer vacation gets the more I find myself side-eyeing my swimsuits that lay in a pile in the bedroom I’ve titled “possible vacation wear”. There’s nothing more terrifying after a stretch of cold weather and the holiday season than to put on a swimsuit. It’s similar to jumping in the freeing cold New England ocean at the beginning of summer. The anticipation of that first fire-y sting when the icy water touches your skin but then after a few seconds the shock goes away and it’s, well, tolerable. I seriously don’t know if it’s ever really enjoyable. Even if you don’t mind wearing a swimsuit there’s always a moment when you find yourself tugging at the top, adjusting the bottom, sucking in your stomach just a bit more or even lathering up in extra self tanner just to make sure you look the part. We all, even those that boast confidence, have our moments of doubt once in a while whether it be in our appearance, personality, skills, etc.. It’s a constant work in progress and that’s okay. Being comfortable in your own skin isn’t an easy feat. Like anything it takes hard work and determination to feel like your best self.  Continue reading “Plantain Pizza Crust”

Asparagus and Goat Cheese Skillet Breakfast Pizza

I guess you could say I’m a bit of a worrier.

I think you can probably relate to one extent or another but let me explain where I’m going with this. While on a trail run yesterday we veered off course and decided to jump across some rocks that ran through a small-ish river to get to the opposite bank. I hesitated when I got to one rock because it seemed just a bit too far away for me to jump to. With that being said you’d have thought the water would have swallowed me whole if I were to fall in. I kept saying out loud, “I can’t reach that! It’s too far!”.  After about thirty seconds of hesitating and looking around for other visibly safer options I realized how silly I sounded, so I jumped. Of course I landed it and of course I said to myself, “Oh, I guess it really wasn’t that far after all.” Though in many cases just before “jumping” in life, when the reality sets in so do the consequences and I begin to think, “OH MY GOD THIS COULD GO SERIOUSLY WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS!” It’s funny though how we tend to doubt our abilities just because we think we aren’t strong enough, fast enough, smart enough or even deserving enough. Continue reading “Asparagus and Goat Cheese Skillet Breakfast Pizza”