Tuscan Pumpkin Pasta

I am seriously always and forever pumpkin EVERYTHING. Once Fall hits I’m instantly trying to make every kind of comfort dish possible and squeezing a little pumpkin into it. Truthfully, there’s really nothing I can’t pumpkin-ize. 😉 Continue reading “Tuscan Pumpkin Pasta”

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

This year I decided to wear a new hat aside from just the ‘mom, blogger, fitness instructor overall caretaker of things’ one. This one is ‘gardener’. Truthfully, I’ve never had a green thumb. My biggest achievement has been keeping alive some kind of vine looking house plant. Seriously, I actually forget what kind of plant it is. This year though, after a failed attempt last year, I waited for the perfect conditions and had at it, again. I went in full force, and by full force I mean prepped the soil, spaced everything properly, buried the seeds at the correct depth and labeled everything precisely.

And then it rained. Continue reading “Roasted Red Pepper Sauce”

Arugula Pesto Pasta with Mushrooms

A meal in under 30 minutes? Count me in! This pesto pasta recipe may just be my new favorite go-to springtime dish. It’s light, full of flavor and packed with wholesome and yummy ingredients like quinoa, arugula, lemon and walnuts. Continue reading “Arugula Pesto Pasta with Mushrooms”

Protein Packed Baked Pasta

I was contemplating calling this dish ‘Best Baked Pasta Ever’ but realized that calling my own recipe the best was probably not a good idea. I mean I wouldn’t want people to get the wrong opinion about me. I don’t actually think my food is THE BEST. It’s more that I’m just very proud of some of the recipes that come out of my kitchen that I can call my own. Some people feel a sense of accomplishment running a marathon others when they kick bad habits but for me I find it through my blog. Continue reading “Protein Packed Baked Pasta”