Applesauce Breakfast Muffins

These kid and adult approved applesauce breakfast muffins are perfect for those busy mornings when there’s no time for a sit down start to the day. I love the soft, chewy texture Continue reading “Applesauce Breakfast Muffins”

Gingerbread Muffins

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again baking is not my strong suit- however when the holidays roll around I’m suddenly wanting to bake ALL THE THINGS. Continue reading “Gingerbread Muffins”

Strawberry Muffins


Anyone finding themselves with a surplus of berries lately? Not that I’m complaining or anything. I truly can’t get enough of summer and one of the very reasons is the in-season produce available…especially the berries! Aside from eating them straight from the container (washing first of course) I’m always looking for ways (or an excuse) to incorporate them into new dishes, from smoothies to salads and let us not forget the baked goods. Oh, the baked goods! Continue reading “Strawberry Muffins”

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll Muffins



Snapseed 3

I remember as a child I that loved when my mom would make cinnamon rolls covered in the ooey-gooey white icing. Extra icing was always must. I would carefully eat around the outside edge saving the soft middle bite for last…mmmmm… Continue reading “Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll Muffins”