Beet Hummus

Yes, I’m a snacker. There, I said it.

Nothing beets (oops, I mean beats) that mid-day moment of a good old spoonful of delicious homemade hummus and veggies for dipping. Although, what IS even better than just any homemade hummus is one made with beets. YES…BEETS! Continue reading “Beet Hummus”

Baked Plantain Chips


If there’s one food item that we go through in our house by the truck load (no exaggeration) it’s bananas. I’m pretty sure even though we buy A LOT when we do our usual grocery shopping for the week one of us ends up having to go back at some point to buy more. We eat them with everything from my Paleo Banana Bread to smoothies to covered in nut butter for a quick snack. So it should come as no surprise that I also have a thing for plantains. Continue reading “Baked Plantain Chips”

Avocado Hummus


I was originally planning on posting a different recipe but I was at the mall over the weekend and happened to stumble upon this adorable little white dish in the shape of an avocado at Anthropologie. It had my name written all over it (not literally). Continue reading “Avocado Hummus”