Strawberry Lemon Baked French Toast

It’s really not my intention for Emerson’s hand to literally be in every one of my photo shoots lately but let’s be honest those hands are just the cutest! Not to mention, as soon as I begin to crack open a carton of strawberries two rooms away she’s instantly at my feet asking for one, or twelve. Who can blame her?! Continue reading “Strawberry Lemon Baked French Toast”

Coconut Crusted French Toast

I know it may be hard to believe it when I tell you that breakfast is my favorite meal. Oh, wait, you knew that already? Well then it should come as no surprise that this Coconut Crusted French Toast recipe is my new go to for that perfect weekend-sleep in-make a big delicious breakfast on a cold winter morning kind of meal.  How can you deny the flavors of coconut, cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate? I should also mention it’s packed with superfoods, protein and heathy fats. Yup, it takes French toast to a whole new level. It’s like a breakfast lover’s dream come true!  Continue reading “Coconut Crusted French Toast”

Mini Paleo Blueberry and Lemon Waffle French Toast

That’s a mouthful…(pun intended)

Generally most mornings I enjoy a plateful of eggs, veggies some avocado and of course a massive cup of coffee. You know a nice healthy protein packed start to the day… Then again not everyday is one of THOSE days and I will find myself wishing I could just stuff my face with a freshly baked batch of my Sweet Potato Brownies or anything along those lines. My sweet tooth has quite the grasp at times and though I can stand strong and refrain from eating chocolate every morning, once in a while I like to meet that tug of war in the middle and whip up a batch of healthy waffles or pancakes. Continue reading “Mini Paleo Blueberry and Lemon Waffle French Toast”