Lemon Piccata Cod


Don’t get me wrong I love a good chicken piccata but have you ever had it with the most perfectly flaky and moist fish? If you haven’t then you’ve come to the right place! This dish is a match made in dinner heaven with flavors like tart lemon, savory garlic, and tangy capers. I love how fancy this meal feels without the fuss. I created this recipe using just a few simple ingredients and delicious Sizzlefish Atlantic cod. Continue reading “Lemon Piccata Cod”

Baked Cracker Crumb Cod

Sometimes I get a little bit creative with my existing recipes solely because I use what I have on hand, if not the exact ingredients I need. Sometimes it’s a flop. However, other times, like this, it’s a major big win. The recipe that once began as a baked chicken dish turned into, yup you read it right, baked cod! Continue reading “Baked Cracker Crumb Cod”