Baked Egg Veggie Cups

If you could define the phrase “easy breakfast” these egg cups would be it. I seriously love how quickly they come together! These perfectly portioned bites of egg and veggies make the healthiest little meal. Think pop-able omelet! Continue reading “Baked Egg Veggie Cups”

Honeynut Sqaush + Kale Quiche

I’m being totally transparent here and letting you know I don’t ALWAYS make everything from scratch, aside from what you may think. Since, like all of us, time is of the essence and well there’s not always a boat load to go around. So, when I can save myself a few extra minutes you’d better believe that I do! Continue reading “Honeynut Sqaush + Kale Quiche”

Prosciutto and Spinach Egg Cups

I never really thought it would be possible to love eggs more than I already do. Not only do I eat them on a daily basis but this recipe makes me want them for every single meal. If you’re into meal prepping, are a “I really need to start doing that” kind of person, or have just been struggling to get on board with making healthier choices more readily available, then this ones for you. These little cups are perfect for make ahead breakfasts for your busy mornings and even double as a quick, portable snack for in between meals. Having a little sumthin’ sumthin’ like this on hand keeps you free and clear from grabbing that sugary cereal you know you have stashed away in the cupboard. I’m all about being able to use minimal ingredients and minimal time to create maximum taste in an easy, healthy meal.  Continue reading “Prosciutto and Spinach Egg Cups”