Apple Cider Donuts

Okay first let me say that if you don’t go apple picking mostly for the cider donuts you’re missing out on arguably the best part of the event. However, I can (almost) never justify indulging in that much fat and sugar. Even if it is a once-ish a season treat. Now that my daughter basically wants everything I’m eating I’d prefer to let her indulge in the healthier stuff sans all the refined sugar. So, I was so excited when I tested out these baked apple cider donuts and they turned out well, perfect! Continue reading “Apple Cider Donuts”

Strawberry Donuts with Cream Cheese Icing

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day I couldn’t resist the chance to test out Wilton’s naturally colored sprinkles that are made without artificial flavors, colors or high fructose corn syrup. Plus they come in teeny, tiny hearts so, yeah, it was basically a no-brainer! Continue reading “Strawberry Donuts with Cream Cheese Icing”

S’mores Donuts

There was no way in all that is sweet and decadent I was going to miss the chance to celebrate National Donut Day. Okay, okay, now I know donuts are generally considered a big no no but if you make them yourself and use healthier ingredients it’s kinda acceptable, right? I mean what’s a donut holiday without donuts anyway?! Well, after a crazy busy day at work on this particular food holiday I came home and just threw together some donuts. I should also mention I had never made donuts before that day. Continue reading “S’mores Donuts”