Chocolate Collagen Latte

If there’s anything you learn about me upon meeting me for the first time it’s that I’m a coffee addict. The reason you’d find this out so quickly would most likely be because as I’m shaking your hand my other one is being occupied by, you guessed it, a cup of coffee. Now when I say that coffee is my life force I’m really not exaggerating in the least. Basically, if you were to cut me open I’d mostly likely bleed the stuff. Wait, is that bad?

The thing about waking up and requiring a cup prior to your eyes even opening (and how I make it to the kitchen in the morning like this I don’t even know) is that you really CAN make it work magic beyond just the quick caffeine fix to get you going. There’s so many ways you can incorporate and reap some pretty fantastic health benefits in a single cup of joe. Here let me break it down for you…

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