Thigh Busting Stroller Workout


I’m loving this weather lately and it’s no surprise that I’m taking as many of my workouts as I can outside. Nothing beats a little fitness fun in the sun!

This awesome thigh-busting workout can be done anywhere, including at the gym, the local park or even in your living room. No baby stroller needed either…just grab a hold of the nearest park bench or a sturdy chair for balance.

Do 12-15 reps of each move (1-4) once through. That equals one set. Complete 3-5 sets depending on level of fitness.  Continue reading “Thigh Busting Stroller Workout”

Stroller Ladder Drills


Confession: the idea of cardio, most of the time, feels like a chore. Unless I’m headed on the trail for a nice long run everything else just is, well, not on my list of top ways to workout. I’ve never been much of an elliptical, stationary bike or even treadmill kind of a girl. However, when you think outside of the box a little you can actually find some pretty fun ways to amp up your heart rate. Now that the weather is FINALLY getting a little nicer here in New England, being able to take my workouts outside is a happy change. Being able to also incorporate my daughter into my workouts is not only fun but an added challenge. These ladder drills, although demonstrated using a grid taped out onto the floor, can be done in a similar manner OR you can skip the grid and do these down the sidewalk!  It’s such a fun way to get some fresh air and some cardio in at the same time. Continue reading “Stroller Ladder Drills”

Kettlebell Baby Swings


You probably read the title and thought…huh? Well yes that’s exactly the effect I was going for. If you’ve been following along with my recent exercise posts you’ll see a running theme, using your baby as added weight. I mean it’s so much more fun than holding a boring ‘ol weight. Just don’t feed your baby right before doing any kind of jumping around (take it from my first hand experience LOL). Continue reading “Kettlebell Baby Swings”

Hip Bridges with Baby


A hip bridge are an effective glute exercise that doesn’t require machines or bars and this particular move (both versions) can be done at home or at the gym. The first exercise is a modified version and I recommend starting with this one until you feel stable enough to use the ball especially if holding onto your baby. You can incorporate this exercise into the 15 Minute Mommy and Baby Workout I posted last week for a great lower half workout!

Continue reading “Hip Bridges with Baby”