Cranberry Sauce

If there’s something every Thanksgiving table needs it’s cranberry sauce! What better addition to your turkey than the tart perfection that it is that little red berry. Contrary to what you may think it’s actually quite easy to make, too! This simple, clean recipe uses just three simple ingredients and is ready in 20 minutes!

This recipe also makes the perfect topping for my Cranberry Turkey Meatloaf and as the perfect tart layer for my Cranberry Orange Crumb Bars!

Helpful tips:

  • You can use fresh or frozen whole cranberries for this recipe. Note, that if using frozen you’ll have to simmer for a few additional minutes.
  • If your need a little more sweet rather than tart you can adjust the amount of maple syrup. However I suggest adding by the tablespoon until you reach your desired taste.
  • If you like a bit chunkier sauce only mash about half of the berries. Leaving some while gives this sauce a great texture and a more “homemade” appeal!
  • For a larger ground simply double the recipe!

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Chocolate Pumpkin Smoothie

Um, HELLO! Need I say more?…

Smoothie tip: If you’re an avid smoothie drinker like myself, you can pour your milk of choice into ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen, you can remove the cubes and store in a tightly sealed bag in the freezer until ready to use. This method will result in a cold smoothie without the watered down taste from using ice. Continue reading “Chocolate Pumpkin Smoothie”

Key Lime Protein Bites

Snapseed 5

I’ve never really been a huge fan of key lime pie. For some reason I prefer my pies to be filled with things like apples or berries…BUT I’ll make an exception for these Key Lime Protein Bites any day. These no-bake treats are the perfect balance of sweet and tart and make the easiest on-the-go snack that doesn’t leave you stuffed full of unnecessary sugar and fat like a slice of pie would. I love the texture of these bite-sized treats- think cookie dough meets spoonful of almond butter meets coconut macaroon…and now that you’re probably needing to wipe the drool from your screen go and grab these few basic ingredients and make yourself a batch of these summery, guilt-free bites! Continue reading “Key Lime Protein Bites”