BBQ Beef Empanadas

How does the saying go? “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again…” or something along those lines? I take this especially true in cooking. I mean not every recipe I make comes out blog worthy or even edible for that matter. So rather than nixing the recipe in the you know what I like to take another stab at it just to be sure, making any necessary modifications if needed. Though sometimes the second time around fails just as miserably as the first it’s always worth a second shot. Continue reading “BBQ Beef Empanadas”

Spicy Thai Lettuce Wraps

I was thinking today as I was taking pictures with my phone of these wraps that I really should upgrade to a camera rather than rely solely on a camera phone. As I’ve mentioned before, cameras overwhelm me. I know they take better pictures, especially for a food blog, but I’ll be honest, me and my iPhone 6 work pretty well together considering. Though, while we do have our moments and I come very close to throwing it across the room, I don’t have another camera so you’d all be stuck with just a bunch of words, I’d be phoneless and well that wouldn’t lead to good things. With that being said, my phone and I were on a roll taking pictures of this little dish. I mean, just look at those colors! (gasp) When I got home after picking up some veggies at a local farm stand I knew these were definitely going into some sort of recipe just so I’d be able to photograph it…well and eat it too of course. So, with some bright green lettuce I knew right away I wanted to make lettuce wraps. What better dish to enjoy during warm summer days than lots of yummy ingredients wrapped up in a piece of crisp lettuce? These wraps have quite a kick so if you like spicy then you’ll love this. If you prefer to tone it down a bit just add less green chilies as noted below. This dish makes a great meal for 4 but works just as well as an appetizer, just add less filling and use the smaller inner leaves to wrap instead. Viola, a colorful and healthy meal, app or snack and lots of pretty pictures thanks to my trusty ol’ phone. I’ll upgrade one day…maybe… Continue reading “Spicy Thai Lettuce Wraps”

Protein Packed Baked Pasta

I was contemplating calling this dish ‘Best Baked Pasta Ever’ but realized that calling my own recipe the best was probably not a good idea. I mean I wouldn’t want people to get the wrong opinion about me. I don’t actually think my food is THE BEST. It’s more that I’m just very proud of some of the recipes that come out of my kitchen that I can call my own. Some people feel a sense of accomplishment running a marathon others when they kick bad habits but for me I find it through my blog. Continue reading “Protein Packed Baked Pasta”

Stuffed Bell Peppers 


There’s just something about the flavor of a roasted red bell pepper that makes my mouth water. It’s the perfect sweetness that when accompanied with savory flavors creates the ultimate dish. Continue reading “Stuffed Bell Peppers “