My Meal Plan and Workout Routine

A pretty common question I get asked is how/what do I do for my meal-planning and weekly workout routine. In truth, though it may seem like a lot of effort to balance out so many pieces to a puzzle, i.e. figuring out your meals ahead of time and planning your workouts for the week, I actually find a lot of satisfaction in it and such once you do it and get into a rhythm it isn’t that complicated. Seriously!

Like anything health and fitness related what works for one person isn’t always going to work for another. There’s no cookie cutter method to it all. The key is finding what works for YOU.

In this post I’ll cover my basic layout and I will also let you in on a little secret, it changes! Yes, I am a strong believer that things such as food and fitness, though crucial to your health, should only ever create/enhance happiness. Food and fitness should NEVER make you feel stressed, unhappy, or guilty. The minute you feel any of these things surrounding you should stop and asses what exactly is making you feel these negative emotions and correct it.

With that being said, I don’t track my food. I eat when I’m hungry and stay aware of the food choices that I make. Though I don’t disagree with those that do it providing it’s being used as a weight loss or weight gain, muscle gain, etc. tool it can sometimes create food obsessions so use it wisely. I personally lead a very active lifestyle so I know what kinds of foods satisfy my energy levels thus don’t find it necessary for me to track my macro and micro nutrients. I eat a clean, gluten-free pescatarian diet (with the inclusion of eggs) and have found that this way of eating works best for my needs and overall wellness. With that being said, and the operative word being clean, I don’t restrict myself when it comes to things I may be craving. I still stick to the gluten-free, dairy-free versions but if I want that vegan ice cream or grain-free cookie filled with chocolate chips you’d better believe I’m eating it! It’s important to allow yourself the freedom to eat without guilt. Food and guilt should NEVER happen together. In fact, food should make you feel happy, a moment of gratefulness, satisfied. If you’re currently battling the “I can’t eat that!” or “Now I have to go run 10 miles to work that off.” STOP. IT. RIGHT. NOW. Break that bad habit and eat the dang cookie and feel good about it. You aren’t going to then go and eat cookies on a daily basis but rather allow yourself the ability to eat one when you want it, enjoy every little bite, and then move on. A healthy lifestyle isn’t about eating a garden salad with some protein 24/7 it’s about feeling good inside and out 24/7. So find a balance of foods that work for you. Figure out what foods make you feel energized, make you alert, make you sleep better, make you lose weight (if that’s your goal), make you gain muscle (or if that’s your goal), make your ailments (if you have ’em) subside, and make you feel like your happiest self.

Here’s a little sample of what my day looks like:

Breakfast: I’m always hungry when I wake up and will have a glass of water then my coffee with dairy-free creamer along with one of these options:

eggs cooked in ghee, avocado grain-free toast and fresh fruit

Zucchini Overnight Oats

Oatmeal Pancakes

Baked Veggie Egg Cups

Vegan Waffles

Lunch:  I try to eat a big lunch since it’s also usually right after a workout. Most days I’ll make extra of whatever we are having for dinner so we can have leftovers for lunch the next day! Here’s some of my favorites:

Pulled Chicken Sandwich Bowl

Vegan Alfredo Pasta with Peas

Thai Quinoa Salad

Tempeh Taco Bowl

Dinner: I tend to eat with Emerson on the earlier side since I’m basically hungry 24/7. These are some easy/favorite options when dinner time rolls around. (Note: these are all pescatarian or vegan recipes but if these aren’t a requirement for you or your family I have lots of other options available just select from the drop down menu!)

Veggie Stuffed Peppers

Grilled Salmon with Veggies

Jackfruit Enchilada Verde Casserole

Chickpea Cauliflower and Sweet Potato Curry

Fish Lettuce Wraps with Spicy Pepper Aioli

Snacks: Can’t forget the snacks! I eat nutrient-dense snacks throughout the day- generally one in the afternoon and often one after dinner as a nighttime snack. If I am eating one at night I will opt for things like a protein bite, black bean brownie, or even just a handful or pretzels or nuts. I like to pick an option that is protein-packed and low sugar. These are some of my favorites for snacking anytime of the day!

Chia Seed Pudding

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Protein Bites

Homemade Snack Mix


Paleo Banana Bread

Beet Hummus

Edible Brownie Batter

Strawberry Muffins

Black Bean Protein Brownies


Okay, so now that we have the food situation covered let’s chat workouts. My favorite forms of exercise are running and circuit training. I incorporate both throughout the week always leave room (at least one day) for rest. Exercise is so important to a healthy mind and body and should always be discussed with your physician prior to beginning anything new. If working out is a new thing it’s important to ease into it, selecting movement that your body will feel comfortable with. If you have preexisting conditions it’s important to keep this in the forefront. You don’t want to do anything that may negatively impact them. Lastly, no matter your fitness level always include a warm-up and stretching (before and after) so your body can take on movement comfortably and reduce injury.

Since distance running is my thang I like to include 2-3 run days a week. As I’m not currently training for any races I don’t need to put my training front and center. Instead, I prefer to include a good balance of cardio and strength training. With that being said since running is tough on the joints and legs I try and space them out evenly throughout the week and run one shorter day and one longer day. My leg days also don’t fall directly before run days to avoid the muscle tightness/soreness during a run. Here’s how I generally schedule my workouts, though I will say this is super flexible since I often will modify it throughout the week based on what’s going on and/or how I’m feeling from a workout from the previous day.

Here’s what my training schedule looks like:

Monday: Booty + Core

Tuesday: Upper body + HIIT

Wednesday: Short run (also include foam rolling and extra stretching)

Thursday: Legs + Core

Friday: I select a workout based on my energy level/how my body is feeling up to this point in the week. I’ll either do a small upper body circuit with bodyweight only or do a 20-30 minute HIIT. I like to use this day as ‘just a little something extra’ and focus purely on body weight resistance.

Saturday: Long run (favorite day of the week!)

Sunday: Rest day

To get some awesome + effective workout routines check out my IGTV channel!


Now for the extra fun part…my favorite things fitness/health related!

Fitbit Versa 2: love this for tracking workouts! It’s super user-friendly and syncs right to my iPhone for easy customizable options. It also comes in a ton of fun colors!


Furtherfood Collagen Peptides: this is a great addition to any lifestyle! Collagen has so many amazing benefits including reducing inflammation, supporting bone, joint, and gut health, and adds a great boost of protein to smoothies, baked/no-bake goods, or overnight oats! This brand is my favorite and comes in unflavored, vanilla (my fav), and chocolate so good).


Theragun G3PRO: Although it is an investment it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it! This machine is like going for an hour long massage but at the convenience of being home, you can use it anytime, and in just 5 minutes. It’s so so good for muscle tension and awesome for recovery- it’s and is a lifesaver after a long run or tough workout.



Brooks Ravenna 10 Running Shoe: Brooks have been my go-to running shoe for years. I LOVE the comfort and support these shoes offer for both running and HIIT workouts. Bonus, they last so long! As an avid runner I’m super hard on my sneakers so it’s nice to find a brand that doesn’t fall apart with all of the tough love I give them. This particular shoe also comes with a few pretty color options!


You can see more of my top workout + wellness favorites HERE or see my go-to workout clothing HERE. I’m constantly updating these pages with new products!



So there you have it! What I do in a week (amongst a lot of other things! ha) I can’t stress enough the power clean food and exercise can have on your well-being. Finding a good balance of food and fitness in your life really can impact various areas, not just physically. I hope you find this helpful and try to implement one (or maybe two) small things into your daily routine that set you up on a path to success. If you do, let me know in the comments or even message me directly! I always love hearing from you all! xo


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