Clean Beauty Products

As someone who’s constantly on the go I am always trying to manage my time as efficiently as I can. Keeping my routines simple and precise are key in allowing me cram a lot into a busy day. When we feel the constant pressure of go, go, go it can often cause us to neglect certain areas of our life that need just as much attention as others. One of these things can be our skincare routines.

As a food + fitness blogger I find myself constantly reading ingredient labels, scrolling through the latest health articles, and trying my best to keep what I feed my family and what we use in our lifestyle (skincare, cleaning products, etc) as clean as possible. I am a firm believer that what you put into your body is as equally as important as what you put on it! And although taking the time understand what’s in your products may seem daunting I promise you it’s worth it in the long run.

I shared some of the skincare products my sister makes last week on Instagram because I am not only so proud/impressed with her passion and skill but I love how earth + skin-friendly they are. Her products not only make me feel good about what I put on my skin but I love spreading the word when I find things that I truly can get behind. So, this post is dedicated to all of you who took the time to message me asking specifically what I use. I’ve included the links/how to purchase for easy shopping, too.

Feel free to message me with questions!

What I am currently using

Thanks Plants Cleansing Cream– great for removing makeup, oil, deep cleansing, moisturizing. This velvety smooth cleanser also doubles as a nighttime moisturizer and/or mask offering your skin much needed nourishment. When I leave it on overnight I wake up with smoother more supple skin. These products are also vegan + made of only natural products including food based ingredients!

Thanks Plants Cleansing Grains– gets rid of dead skin, removes makeup, and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. I love the mild texture that offers my sensitive skin a gentle exfoliation. It’s also vegan + made of only natural products including food based ingredients.

(Contact Liz on Instagram @lizzzy106 to purchase Thanks Plants products)

BeautyCounter Nourishing Cream Cleanserthis creamy cleanser is great as a light + nourishing makeup remover when you only need a little added moisture.

BeautyCounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel– this gentle peel is perfect for any skin types. I apply a couple of pumps before bed and wake up with smooth, more radiant skin. It’s great for diminishing fine lines, too.

BeautyCounter #1 Brightening Facial Oil– this light oil is perfect as an everyday moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and applies well under makeup. I love that it gives you a glowing, more radiant complexion instantly.

Jane Iredale Pressed Powder– this mineral based full coverage powder has been my go-to for years. I love the fact that it offers a coverage level of your choice, lasts all day, and never feels “heavy” even in the heat.

Thrive Causmetics Liquid Lash Extensions– this is my favorite mascara. This vegan mascara combines plant extracts + fiber technology to create dramatic, long lashes while promoting hair growth. I wear this all day without any flaking.

Thrive Causmetics Instant Brow Fix Gel– I’m usually in too much of a rush to be bothered with my brows so this tinted gel is the perfect solution. Using semi-permanent micro-pigments this smudge proof gel fills in my light brows and lasts for 24 hours. Over time the pigments also tint your brows for a microblading-like effect without the needles.

Other favs I use (not pictured)

BeautyCounter Peppermint Lip Conditioner– I love the smell of this lip conditioner. It applies so smoothly and offers the perfect amount of moisture. I carry it in my purse for a quick on-the-go lip drink.

CounterSun Mineral Sunscreen– SPF’s can be a touchy subject with its ingredient list but this product is as clean as it gets. With an SPF 30 and easy application it is a perfect safe skin practice for the whole family. It even comes in a stick version, which I toss in my purse in case we need it in a pinch.

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