Complete Start Breakfast Shake

I feel pretty fortunate to say that I, for the most part, have always been a morning person. I mean don’t get me wrong, sleeping in isn’t so bad either but now as a mom I have a living alarm clock so my sleeping in is very limited. My mornings are very routine…wake up at the same time, drink a big glass of water, make a cup of coffee, get my daughter up, feed her, put her down for a nap, have the rest of my coffee with breakfast, check emails, then get myself ready for the day. I mean it’s basically that in a nutshell, every single day. And I like it. I enjoy having a routine and being able to look forward to my little bit of down time while I have my breakfast and check my inbox, read up on world events and/or poke around the internet for some shopping deals. That all being said, I still enjoy keeping it simple, specifically speaking for breakfast. Although I do often have the time to make eggs and avocado I also enjoy my smoothies…but hate the mess! Having to clean pans, wash out the blender, measuring cups, etc. can be a hassle and this cuts into my little bit of me time. So, that’s where these Complete Start Breakfast Shakes have been like a dream come true! 

I think I can speak for most people here and say that we all like things to be easy, especially in the morning. More often than not we are trying to get out the door, get the kids ready for school or get our days organized all in a timely manner so nothing becomes more tempting than grabbing something easy (healthy or not) or just skipping breakfast entirely. Well, I can tell you from personal experience choosing something out of convenience or skipping a meal doesn’t do anybody any good especially when it comes to your health. This is one of the many reasons I like the shakes so much since they were created with reason in mind. The founder of Complete Start created these for the sole purpose of necessity, to be able to heal himself from Crohn’s Disease via whole foods and to be able to do so without spending countless hours in the kitchen. He perfected the shakes by including all organic and gluten-free ingredients that not only taste delicious but give others the opportunity to use real foods as a means of medicine just as he did. I love the fact that I can tear open a packet (Mocha being my favorite), shake it up with almond milk and viola I have a entire meal packed with protein, healthy fats, carbs and loads of vitamins and minerals to fuel my busy day. Not to mention it’s both portable and doesn’t require any dish washing!

The importance of creating a life that is both happy and healthy using small, but impactful methods, is priceless. We are given such a limited amount of time it only makes sense to spend it wisely, as in making smart, beneficial choices both physically and emotionally so that we can be the best and healthiest version of ourselves. Starting the day with something that overtime can play such a significant role, such a healthy breakfast for example, really can create a compound effect on your life. Although it seems like such a small choice, if everyday turned into a month, a month into a year and so on you could be setting the foundation for that wonderful existence. As they often say, a year ago you’ll wish you had started today”.

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