Kettlebell Baby Swings


You probably read the title and thought…huh? Well yes that’s exactly the effect I was going for. If you’ve been following along with my recent exercise posts you’ll see a running theme, using your baby as added weight. I mean it’s so much more fun than holding a boring ‘ol weight. Just don’t feed your baby right before doing any kind of jumping around (take it from my first hand experience LOL).

So back to those kettlebell baby swings… this exercise can be done either with a kettlebell or your baby. I don’t suggest doing this with a newborn, for obvious reasons, so start with a weight and then once you’re comfortable with the movement and your baby is sturdy enough swap out one for the other. This is an exercise that doesn’t need to be done with great force (again, not only for obvious reasons) but you can actually get a more fluid and effective motion if you go a bit slower.

Follow the how-to’s below and click the link for the video. As always make sure you’ve been given the okay by your physician to begin working out again prior to starting a new exercise program.

Happy fit mommy and baby time!

Video link 


Kettebell Swing (with weight): Standing with your legs hip width apart hold the kettlebell in both hands in front of you letting it hang toward the floor. Bend forward at the waist and with a slight bend in your knees swing the kettlebell through your legs. Then, keeping your core in tight swing the kettlebell back up and to about shoulder height before lowering down in front of you again. That is one movement.  (See video for how to put all of the pieces together to make it fluid.)

Repeat 10 times to start for 3 sets resting in between. Once comfortable try doing 3 sets of 12-15 reps.



Kettlebell Swing (with baby): This movement is almost identical to the movement above, however, it is much harder to hold your baby than an actual kettlebell. Make sure you have a firm grip on your baby when lowering him/her down in front of you (as shown in the video) to just hover above the floor. If you feel you need a firmer stance move your feet slightly farther apart.

Start by doing 10 reps of this movement but do not exceed 12. Repeat this exercise 3 times resting in-between.

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