15 minute mommy & baby workout


Okay all you new Moms out there I know how challenging it can be to get in a decent workout since you’re either finding time to be baby free or finding the energy when you are baby free. Well I have the perfect solution…if you have a baby they double as a perfect workout partner (see below)! However, if your child is too big to hold in these positions a 15lb kettle bell or dumbbell will work just as well.

For this quick circuit do each move once through (do both the left and right leg for move 1 and 2 before moving on to move 3). Take a 90 second break (or to readjust your squirmy partner) before repeating moves 1-3. Repeat this circuit 3-5 times through and twice a week (depending on level/ability).




Move 1: Lunge with Twist (Stand with feet together and your baby/weight out in front of you (picture 1). Step right foot out in front of you and lower into a lunge making sure to keep your right leg close to a 90 degree angle (picture 2). Keeping baby close to your chest and legs facing forward hinge at the hips and twist toward the right side (picture 3). Untwist and bring left foot next to right to return to standing. Do a set of 12 lunges then switch to other side and repeat for another set of 12.)




Move 2: Seated Leg Extension (Sit in a chair so that your feet touch the floor and your legs can be bent at a 90 degree angle (picture 1). Hold your baby/weight against your chest and sit up straight with your shoulders back. Slowly extend your right leg outward with toes facing up until it is straight (picture 3). Lower slowly and place foot back on the floor. Do one set of 15 then repeat the same movement on the left side.)




Move 3: Squats (Emerson LOVED this one! Standing straight with your shoulders back and feet slightly wider than hip width apart, lower yourself as if you’re about to sit back into a chair. Keep your weight in your heels and sit as low as you can. For an extra challenge hold at your lowest point for an extra few seconds and make sure to keep your core tight! Do one set of 15 squats.)

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