Cacao Rice Crispy Treats

I stumbled across this poem the other day;

Do you remember the night the moon dropped from the sky?

And we ran through the forest to find where it lie,

I was tripping on tree roots and slipping on snow,

You were holding my hand saying not to let go,

When we found it at last there were twigs in our hair,

A rose on our cheeks and our breath in the air, 

And the words to describe it got caught in our throats,

And its silver light danced through the threads on our coats,

We knew that our eyes had not seen such a view,

You were looking at it,

I was looking at you.

-E.H.It reminded me a lot of my recent trip to Acadia National Park. I’ve been wanting to write about my experience over the past week but the words I find to describe it just don’t do it justice. When I came across this poem I thought, wow that’s it. I could actually picture myself as that person in the poem, running through the dark, quiet forest, winding around trees, trying my best to watch my footing as the ground blurred under me, feeling the cold air pass through me and responding with a shiver, holding on tightly to a hand of trust that wherever I was being led, was where I was meant to be. Yet all the while as I was running to this unknown destination in the dark, I was smiling, laughing, carefree, hopeful. I was a version of myself that felt invincible, that felt whole, that felt comfort. I felt at peace. It’s a feeling that I can’t say I’ve ever REALLY felt the way I did while I was up there. Looking out over the edge of a mountain at the thin line where the blue of the sea caught up to the sky made it look as though it were one, as if there was no end or beginning. It just was. I felt small. I felt like I was a tiny spec on top of that mountain among hundreds of other mountains and thousands of miles of ocean. What a thing to feel so insignificant and significant all at the same time. I felt the whole world wrap around me as the wind blew by. Then all at once I thought about things. I thought about the climb up to the top, I thought about my drive up to Acadia the day before, I thought about the prior week’s events, I thought about my life a year ago, I thought about people, experiences, what was. I thought about love, hope, sadness, anger, excitement, and every other emotion one could feel. It all came crashing into me so intensely that had I not already been standing strong against the wind I may have toppled over. Then, just as fast as the cold air swept by those thoughts and feelings left. I was empty. Empty of the past, loose ends,  anything and everything that no longer served a purpose in my life. I had let it go, as though the wind had masterfully carried it out to sea. I stood there, unsure if I should move, waiting to see if it suddenly might all come rushing back. It didn’t. So I took in the view a moment longer absorbing the sounds, the smells, the sights as this new, internally lighter version of myself. The beauty of everything that lay before me in that park filled the emptiness that once was occupied by clutter. It was like nothing I had every experienced before. Words can’t always describe a moment like that. That moment of running toward an unknown with hope and trust in your heart and an empty space ready to be filled with nothing but the beauty this world has to give.

 Pemetic Mountain; Acadia National Park

These simple three ingredient treats are the perfect combination of a classic with a bit of crunch, sweetness and chewiness. Not to mention they’re made with some pretty awesome organic and gluten-free items! These rice crispy treats will make a great addition to your Halloween festivities!

Cacao Rice Crispy Treats

Author: The Happy Hungry Yogi


Makes: 9+ bars (depending on how you slice)

Prep time: 10 minutes

Set time: 45 minutes



  1. Line a 9×9 inch pan with parchment paper allowing extra to hang over the edges and set aside.
  2. Add the cereal to a large bowl and also set aside.
  3. Fill a small saucepan with a couple of inches of water and place a heat-safe bowl on top of the pan, making sure it fits snuggly but stays a couple of inches away from touching the water.
  4. Add the marshmallows and coconut oil to the bowl and melt over medium-high heat, stirring frequently with a heat-safe utensil.
  5. Once completely melted, pour the marshmallow mixture into the cereal bowl and fold until completely combined.
  6. Spread the mixture evenly into the lined pan and press down to pack together.
  7. Cover the pan with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 45 minutes to set.
  8. When ready, lift the bars from pan by use of the extra parchment, slice and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Cacao Rice Crispy Treats

  1. Really loved your post today. It made me actually feel like I was there. I could almost feel what you were feeling. Your writing and descriptions capture your readers and I love that.
    Perfect Halloween treat to make for a party. Mmmmm☺️


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